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Dermal Fillers Intermediate


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Following on from our  foundation course we further  build and help you to gain experience in the use of dermal fillers for revolumisation, enhancement and rejuvenation. Sharon has taught doctors nurses and dentists to use dermal fillers  for well over fifteen years and was the clinical education lead for two  some major dermal filler manufacturers during this time
This course allows the practitioner to learn new and more advanced techniques. their journey  The course is designed to give a strong insight, backed up with the latest and the best evidence. 
Here  you will concentrate on the use of hyaluronic acid fillers to treat the mid and lower face, jaw, chin plus cheeks and cheek hollows. As Founding members of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group we acknowledge the importance of being able to recognise and manage a complication and ALL of our courses include management of complications specific to the course content. We only use reputable and efficacious fillers in practice and in training.


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