About us – Sharon & Martyn

Sharon King MSc RN NIP

Sharon King is an NMC  and NMBI Registered Nurse, an Independent Prescriber. Board member and the current Vice-Chair  of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses.  She is a founding board member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group, Nursing Director of Cosmedic Pharmacy Editorial Advisory Panel for Aesthetic Magazine,  and a Clinical Trainer and Consultant for Sinclair Pharma.

” My background is plastics and reconstructive surgery both within the NHS and the private sector. I’ve always been passionate about aesthetic medicine and would ultimately like it to be recognised as a specialist area of practice. Training and education is of the upmost importance something that Martyn and I are both heavily committed to”.  Aesthetic Medicine brought Martyn and I together we share the same drive and passion for aesthetic medicine today as we did when we first met. I’ve been very fortunate and have been given  the opportunity to work with some of the leading aesthetic companies and with some of the Worlds experts as clinical lead, trainer and educator both here at home and abroad. I’ve undertaken training in the Netherlands, France Germany, Switzerland and the USA conducted clinical trials, worked as part of medical advisory groups and published several articles.

 Dr Martyn King MBchB MSc

Martyn King is a doctor registered with the GMC and the Irish Medical Board and is on the GP register. He is the Current Chair of  the Advisory Board of Save Face and the Chair and founding board member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group.

” I have a background in general practice and also worked as a doctor overseas in Kenya providing medical care in conditions which were sometimes challenging. Like Sharon I’ve worked in the field of aesthetic medicine for many years. Complication management is something that nowadays takes up a lot of time and I believe that better education and training pathways are key in preventing poor patient outcomes. At Cosmedic we strive to deliver education and facilitate training of practitioners working or entering into aesthetic practice with the ultimate goal of providing treatments that are patient centrered and safe”.