Cannula for Dermal Filler Placement

Traditionally dermal fillers have been administered via a needle and there are still some situations where using a needle is still appropriate. However, with the growing awareness and respect of facial anatomy there has been a move in recent times towards the use of cannulae for dermal filler placement. Blunt tipped cannulas may provide a lower risk of bruising as well as potentially devastating complications for example, vascular occlusion, and skin necrosis. Another reason for choosing a cannula is that they are usually significantly longer than needles and their flexibility and length can be a distinct advantage with less entry points.

Who is this course designed for?

Our cannula training course is designed for those practitioners who already have some experience in the use of dermal fillers and covers indications and treatments where the use of a cannula might be more effective and appropriate and when treating with a needle might remain the better option.

  • Cannula versus needle the options
  • Choosing an appropriate cannula
  • Introducing a cannula, entry point
  • Techniques
  • Minimising harm and reducing the risk of complications
  • £950
New for 2020 -Now Includes Cannula for Sunekos®
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