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Course Booking Terms & Conditions

Training Courses Terms and Conditions


If cancelling within 10 business-days of the scheduled class, all cancellations will get a training credit to be used within a 6-month period, calculated from the date of the cancelled training. We do not offer refunds.



In accordance with Government guidance all delegates are required to wear appropriate PPE which is provided by Cosmedic Training Academy. Scrubs are provided and there are lockers for delegates to place their personal items.

 Food & Beverages

Delegates are provided with  lunch menu options at time of booking. Please include any specific dietary requirements. Presently lunch is provided in the form of sandwiches, fruit and snacks in sealed packets. Tea, coffee and refreshments are available.


It is usual for delegates to arrange for a model/patient to join them for any practical sessions. If this is not possible we can try to arrange a suitable model but this is not always possible. You will be sent all the necessary information for your model specific to the indication or treatment it is your responsibility to pass this information to your model. Models will not be allowed to accompany delegates into the theoretical sessions and are asked to join at their appointment time.

Thank you

We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience during these uncertain times. We appreciate your collaboration in keeping all attendees in our training facility as safe, healthy and comfortable as possible.
We hope you enjoy and have a successful training session at Cosmedic Training Academy, and we are excited to continue supporting educational opportunities in our growing specialty.

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