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Intralipotherapy – Model Friday 10th June 2021 June 2021 Adomen or submental (chin) area

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Sodium deoxycholate solution is a safe and effective injectable treatment . Whether it is used to treat stubborn pockets of fat that just don’t ever seem to go despite diet and exercise or for generalised fat on the face or body. When injected the fat cells are liquefied and permanently destroyed. The fat is then removed naturally by the body’s lymphatic system and by combining the fat dissolving injections with ultrasound cavitation and lymphatic drainage, the results are greatly enhanced.


The most commonly treated areas are the thighs, bottom, stomach, saddlebags, back fat and double chin during a training event but it can be used wherever stubborn fat is a problem including the arms, knees, face, man boobs, eye bags and lipomas (fatty lumps within the skin). Often more than one treatment is needed to obtain the desired results.


Intralipotherapy using DesoBody or DesoFace involves the injection of a fat dissolving substance, containing sodium deoxycholate, into localised fat deposits using either a needle or cannula. The solution causes destruction of the fat cells which then undergo degradation and are removed by the lymphatic system. Sodium deoxycholate works gradually within the tissue and the process of removal takes time and results can take several weeks to fully appear.

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