Just a few images from various training courses


Our DesoBody and DesoFace courses have been very successful and we now have many delegates who have gone on to integrate these treatments into their clinics . Our course has full CPD certification and is approved by Cosmetic Insure and Hamilton Fraser.


Always a pleasure to use teach using this wonderful dermal filler, I’ve been using this product teaching the injection techniques for volumisation and contouring for ten years. This year I have had the pleasure of presenting this lecture and workshop to BACN and DANAI members in the UK , Ireland and ROI

Dermal Fillers

What I love about teaching is no two days are the same, tear trough, hands, lips you never get board

Plasma Sublimation

We have used several modalities both in our clinical practice for around eight years now and have taught and published several journal articles on this particular method of rejuvenating and tightening the skin.


It’s been an honour to be presented with several awards over the years .