Cosmedic Training Academy

Managing Seasonal Allergies

There has been a surge in the use of prescription only medicines by non health care practitioners  in 2023 . At Cosmedic Training Academy we take a responsible approach.  WE DO NOT ENDORSE THE  UNDERTAKING OF REGULATED ACTIVATES by non regulated practitioners. 

This course covers all  treatment modalities and options as per the NICE guidelines . We also include information relating to the treatment that sits outside of this guidance and  include the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, side effects, drug interactions, and monitoring.  

We believe that we have taken a responsible approach with the course material to inform  and educate health care professionals around this subject allowing them to make their own professional judgement

Who do we train?

This course is available to the following healthcare practitioners:
Registered Nurses

Please note that the treatment of disease or disorder is a medical indication and therefore, regulated by the CQC. and that the advertisement of prescription only medicines to the Public  is not allowed. It is recommended that practitioners consult their insurers and  take this into consideration before offering this treatment.

A classroon taught course

This course is a classroom taught course the online course can be found  from Online Courses in the main menu.

Our training academy and CQC registered clinic is located in Tamworth Staffordshire.

Cost £252 including VAT

Finance options are available for all of our training courses through Payl8r. 
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