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Treating Vitamin D Deficiency

This course examines the causes of Vitamin D deficiency, treatment options medical indications for use and when to refer.
When treating the symptoms of a disease or disorder practitioners are reminded that this falls under the remit of the CQC or equivalent whereas supplementation currently does not.
The Vitamin D injections referred to in this course are prescription only medicines and come under the regulation of the MHRA. Prescription only medicines cannot be advertised to the Public and should only be administered after a thorough and comprehensive patient consultation & assessment for suitability and the patient is fully aware of the benefits and possible risks.


This course is only available to doctors, dentists, pharmacists, registered nurses, dietitians.

*non prescribing nurses  & *dietitians  *must work with a prescriber.

Course includes:
  • The importance of vitamin D
  • Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency
  • Diagnosis & testing
  • Causes of vitamin D deficiency
  • Interpretation of blood testing
  • Diet & supplements’ 
  • Treatment options
  • Contraindications’ 
  • Referral
  • Route of administration & technique
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Monitoring 
  • Advertising & promotion 
  • More…

This course is offered online and as a classroom taught course. Delegates are advised to check with their insurers for indemnity cover. sexy gorgeous babe.
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