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Jalupro®️ & Jalutox  
 using Amino Acid  technology
LIVE Saturday 16th January at
This  LIVE webinar will introduce the practitioner to the Jalupro®️ range of products which are designed to “feed the skin” from the inside and out. Jalupro®️ contains hyaluronic acid and a blend of amino acids to rehydrate and nourish the ECM rejuvenating  the skin  to give a firmer, tighter, appearance a reduction in lines and wrinkles and more even skin tone. 
Jalupro Pre Recorded Tutorial

This is a pre recorded  immediate play tutorial in the use of Jalupro®️ Injectable HA’s, skin peels and dietary supplements. Ideal for those already using Sunekos or Profhilo or those wishig to enhance the use of Jalupro®️ in their practice sexy gorgeous babe.
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