Cosmedic Training Academy

Botulinum Toxin

Brand New Course Content  and CPD certification 2 day course £1500 + VAT includes an assessment day

We recognise that things need to change and that you don’t become an expert overnight. That is why this course is now taught over two days. The first day you’ll learn the theory, observe a consultation and treatment carried out by the trainer and consolidate hate you’ve learn before day two which is a full day of assessing and treatment of patients under the direct supervision of the trainer. conforms to the recommendations made by the PSA. You’ll be offered on going support by means of our online learning platform and almuni.

This course is delivered over 3 classroom & supervised  practice sessions along with self directed study, case history reviews  and an optional  day of  observed practice and assessment

  • Session 1 Day 1 – Theory 
  • Session 2 Day 1-   Practical instruction and demonstration by tutor – a short MCQ exam will be completed at the the end of this session the pass mark required is 80%.
  • Session 3 Day 2-   Supervised practice 
  • Self directed study, case studies should be completed and sent to us for assessment and feedback before session 4
  • Session 4 – Day 3 Practical assessment.
  • *the course syllabus complies with the regulatory framework approved by the PSA (Professional Standards Authority)
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