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Platelet rich plasma

PRP has many therapeutic benefits and is used widely because of its rejuvenation and wound healing properties, a minimally invasive procedure deliverable via multiple modalities (delegates have to be capable of performing venepuncture) which also lends itself to the field of aesthetic medicine and trichology.



  • Composition of blood
  • PRP & PPP
  • Growth factors, interleukins
  • Blood collection, safe and best practice
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Processing and preparation of PRP
  • Methods of delivery



Platelet rich plasma therapy has been used successfully for the treatment of burns, to promote wound healing, alongside dental implantology, orthopaedics, hair restoration and more recently aesthetic medicine for skin rejuvenation. There are many different collection kits, and systems available. 





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Tuesday 29th August 2023

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